Turn your promotional stickers into info sheets

Giveaway stickers are a great way to give your name and brand an extra push. If you do your design work well enough you can be sure to get some extra advertising for free, because your customers will put your stickers up for display, for everyone to see.

But displaying your brand gets you only so far. How about if you could somehow combine it with some more in-depth information about your products and services.

Well, you can!

The other side of stickers

While it’s rarely used and seldom thought of as valuable space, all stickers come on a backing paper, and that backing paper has a backside made of, well, paper.

Adding a custom back paper print is not exactly anything new. The technique is as old as stickers themselves but it’s been used mostly as a way to display the sticker manufacturer’s name, if anything. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

By thinking about stickers differently, using them both as stickers and as information sheets, you can get more information out for almost no extra cost.

Why not make the sticker with your brand, as usual, but print your business card on the paper back? Or, use it as an information sheet about your products? Or, make it into a shopping list that your customers can stick to their fridge and then bring with them when they visit you.

Only your imagination sets the limits for what clever ways you can find to turn the backing paper from waste into something useful.