Electric Cars Explained

What is an Electric Car?

An electric car is an automobile which is run by one or more electric motors using energy that is stored in rechargeable batteries with different power storage capacity. The electric car industry has seen tremendous growth within the last year, with electric cars becoming a more popular means of transport. For an overview of all the information that you may need to know about electric vehicles, keep on reading.

How Electric Cars Work

Fitted with an internal combustion engine (ICE) and a motor, electric cars can convert electric energy into kinetic energy which is used to power the wheel axles. Most electric cars have one motor that usually powers the rear axle, but high-end electric cars, such as the Tesla Model 3 Performance or the Audi e-Tron have motors fitted to every axle, hence, have all-wheel-drive.

The Batteries

Electric car batteries are fragile and heavy; hence, enginers look for the safest place to put them, also considering the positioning for the right performance. Most electric cars have batteries which are embedded in the floor, which is commonly referred to as the skateboarding configuration. Fixing the battery on the floor reduces the car’s center of gravity, which is good for performance.

How the Car Recharges

Charging an electric car is the same as charging your mobile phone, in that when the battery depletes, you plug into a charging point. There are not many charging points across the world, but with car makers and governments investing in zero-emission vehicles, more charging points are springing up, especially in urban centers.

Should You Buy an Electric Car?

Electric cars are getting better as technology advances. Electric cars will perform similar functions as a petrol/diesel powered vehicle, and with investment in the charging point infrastructure, electric vehicles have a bright future. Though they may be expensive as compared to petrol/diesel powered vehicles, why not be among the first people to adopt this new transport technology?