3 Copenhagen Bars You Need to Visit

So you’re in Copenhagen and looking to do something? If that’s you, why not visit some bars and try Danish beer? There are many great places to go, so we have listed the three best ones to make your life a little better.

If that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.

#1 – Baghaven

The first place you should look for is Baghaven. It’s located in a fantastic location that lets you see the city center, Amalienborg palace, and the little mermaid without any obstructions. Even better, there are many beers to choose from, making each stay interesting and unique.

#2 – Kølsters Tolv Haner

While this place might not be anything to look at compared to the previous one, it’s a terrific brewers’ beer pub to check out. You mostly get to consume light beer in small glasses, which allows you to try out multiple beers at once.

So if you want to explore beer culture, this is your place!

#3 – Fermentoren

The two last were more for going for a drink. But in this bar, it’s easier to get some good food as it’s neighbor to The Meatpacking District. There, you can taste various beers, from Danish to International.


And those were the recommendations! Try each at least once, as they all are amazing! However, if you’re planning your trip, then why not give this design hotel Copenhagen a try. Villa Copenhagen has all the comforts you’d like!