The (robotic) future of roadside restaurants

Restaurant workers of the future?

Cars are getting more and more automated and under the right circumstances they can drive themselves, with the driver just monitoring.

But of course automation doesn’t only affect cars. In just a few years we can expect big changes everywhere, including restaurants and in just a few years we can expect fully automated road side restaurants, where we can stop for a snack when we get hungry and tired of watching the car drive.

In fact we’re already almost there. For example, there’s already fullu automated burger robots that you can buy and install in your restaurant. They will happily cook burgers, to perfection and exactly as ordered, all day and all night long without complaining. They will have to be stocked, of course, but that takes far less work than having people cook.

So, the only thing you need to do right now to open your own automated burger joints is to buy the robot and install it in a smart vending machine. Perhaps complete it with a smarthpone app for pre-ordering en route and you will have opened your first restaurant, without hiring a single chef.

Just wait a few years and this will have happened everywhere along the road. Before even arriving at the restaurant you can look through the menu on your phone and order the food you want and as you arrive to the restaurant it will be prepared and ready to serve just as you step in the door.

And it’s not only restaurants that will change. You should expect to get your own cooking robot that will do all the hard work for you while you’re working, exercising our hanging out with friends.

Already today you can buy cooking products at and other places that will make life easier by automating your cooking.

There are the simple things, such as automatic rice cookers, but there are also more advanced appliances such as air fryers and multi ovens that are already able to cook whole meals for you and with a simple sous vide cooker you can cook meat to perfection without being there.

Just imagine what your kitchen will look like in just a few years, when you can have an actual robot working there!