How to Organize your Garage

Getting your own garage is a wonderful experience. Suddenly you have a huge space where you can keep your car and fix things, without making your home into a mess.

Unfortunately, most garages decay. With time they transform from huge workspaces with lots of room to places where old things collect, either because you don’t have time to fix them or because you need them at some point in the future. 

Getting things organized and reclaiming the space often feels like an unsurmountable task and something that is just pushed into the future, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here we present you with some ideas for how you can start and follow through.

Reclaim the work area

You must start by reclaiming the work area, i.e. the space you need to keep clear while not working on something. Ideally it should be big enough to fit your car and allow you the room to actually make repairs.

Paint a white line on the floor, marking the edges of your work area. You’ll need it for the next step.

Drawers, Boxes and Labels

With your work area claimed and clearly marked you can easily see and organize the rest. The trick is to get everything else out of the way and to sort all your tools and materials so that you can find what you need, while at the same time keeping things out of your way.

Drawers, boxes and clear labeling is the way to go. Get the furniture you need from the home improvement store and use an online tool to create Custom labels, and you will soon be back where you once started: A huge space where you can keep your car and fix things.