Why the electric moped is a dead-end

In southern European countries, mopeds and motorcycles are everywhere. They are popular because of how easily they sneak through congested streets, but the climate also works for them. If it (almost) never rains and you’re taking mostly short trips, there is little advantage using a big car instead of a small two-wheeler.

Electric mopeds are about to make their big breakthrough, but now comes a new contender in the form of the electric mini-scooter, taking all the space.

Mini-scooters everywhere

They may have small wheels and nowhere to sit, but they are compact, easy to carry around, cheap to buy, and they are everywhere!

Just when you thought everyone was going to buy an electric moped or motorcycle instead you see these small scooters everywhere, even in countries where two wheelers were never really popular, because of the weather.

It’s logical really, when you think about it. While electric mopeds are coming down in price and up in performance, they still feel fierce competition from traditional models and all of the existing vehicles.

Compact, foldable scooters, on the other hand, primarily compete with walking. Everyone, it seems, who used to rely on walking to work, from home, or from the underground station, now carry a mini-scooter instead, and this is the real killer for the electric moped.

Walking is becoming a thing of the past. Now you can simply hop on your scooter and go wherever you want and you can carry it with you everywhere. It’s the perfect companion for everyone using public transportation.

Don’t buy – Just pay as you go

It doesn’t end there, though. What if you didn’t even need to carry you scooter around? What if you could just get it, wherever you are and then leave it at your destination?

Well, you can. Companies like Lime and Voi are quickly establishing their fleets of pay as you go scooters, that you find and book through a mobile app, and the best thing is they don’t even have designated docking station. You can just grab one, go and then leave it at your destination, wherever that is.