Marketing without humans

We are passionate about electric vehicles, no doubt about it, but we also notice that there are other areas in life where we can do a lot better with some robotic support! One of those areas is marketing and also sales. Sales is not a matter of going to door to door anymore, but rather about casting wide nets that capture entire customer segments. We need those nets to be personalized, customized and agile, and we need them to know what our customers are thinking, feeling and dreaming about.

 This is what is so fascinating with today’s marketing opportunities; we are actually able to leverage that knowledge in a very real and applicable way. With tools like marketing automation ecommerce systems we can learn all about our customers habits, wishes, preferences and behaviours, and adjust the way we approach them accordingly. This was always the magic of the successful salesman; he made friends with his customers. He was so personable and like a chameleon able to become a new version of himself in order to please every single customer. That is great! But very time-consuming and extremely limiting. There are only so many master salesmen out there.

 Platforms like Apsis makes it possible for you to really maximize your sales opportunities and personalise the entire customer experience. You will know what to recommend, when to recommend it, in what way to recommend it and grow much faster than you could ever do, at a much lower price. With social media integration you can easily see what works on your audience and what doesn’t.