The ins and outs of charging while traveling

Electric cars are getting better every day. Quality is rising, prices are falling and still mileages keep rising. Once a type of vehicle suitable exclusively for your daily trips to and from work is quickly becoming a great option to cover all traveling needs.

We are quickly getting close to the point in time where the range of your electric car is no longer the limiting factor – You are. The machine will keep going, but you need to stop to recharge yourself, after hours behind the while, and while you rest the car can recharge enough to keep you going for the rest of the day.

This is all fine, but how do you find good charging opportunities while on a road trip?

Follow the charging infrastructure

One important choice, when planning your trip, is to check the charging infrastructure along the way. Major highways often have charging stations along the way, in places where you can take a break and rest while the car is being charged, but it’s important to remember that not all roads are covered and you need to plan accordingly.

Electric car-friendly hotels and cities

Equally important to route planning is to make your overnight stay as simple as possible, Choose a city with a green profile and easy access to overnight charging. For example, you can check into a hotel in Copenhagen, while traveling in Scandinavia, and be sure to find ample charging opportunities nearby, or even right there, outside the door.