3 Tips to Design the Best Stickers

Making stickers is a satisfying thing to do. You’ll be designing something that was once in your head and turning it into a reality. But sometimes, we might not be able to create designs that were like in our mind. So how can we make the best version of it? Here are my 3 tips on designing the best stickers.

Make Your Design Simple

If you’re looking to make a good sticker, here’s the thing you should keep in mind. Keep it simple! No need to put too much detail into your sticker. This will just make it unpleasant to the eye. So keep the overall look simple, and make the text easily readable.

Design in Big Resolution

Another thing to keep in mind is to work with the highest resolution possible. This will make the sticker look good in any size. If it’s too little, your design will look foggy when it comes out in the printer. My recommendation is to always work with at least 1080×1080.

Set The Bleed

You printed it out, and for some reason, they looked terrible? It might be because you didn’t set the bleed. This is very important if you’re going to get someone else to print it for you. The printer might cut too much from your sticker without the bleed, so always add some extra space.


And that’s it! Now all you need to do is get it printed. I recommend you to order custom stickers at Stickerapp. With them, you’ll be sure that you get the best quality stickers possible! So get your creative juices flowing and make your stickers into a reality.