Clever marketing for Scottish companies

If you are a small business owner that is not particularly interested in marketing and also don’t want to spend hours sifting through reports and analysis from various sites that promise to help you get grips on your marketing efforts, then perhaps there is a better solution for you. No matter how much we like to post an Instagram post once in a while, dealing with social media marketing and finding the optimal way to increase sales per penny spent on marketing is another story.

The entire customer journey can be monitored and analysed automatically with a marketing automation ecommerce system, which is very helpful for companies that are selling things online. How would it be to be able to act on customer data such as a birthday or an anniversary? Send them a gift or an offer that is relevant to their upcoming special day. How would it be to have different automatic flows for different types of customers, and to have the customers segments update without having to lift a finger? All communication, may it be via email or text, can be personalised in a real way, not just by adding their name to the subject line.

You will never go back to manual when you know what it is like to have an army of robots taking care of the marketing and sales flows of your company. It gives you time to create your beautiful Scottish products and plan killer strategies that take your company to the next level.