Fleet management for electric vehicles

Managing a fleet of electric vehicles requires requires well working data collection and analysis tools. Luckily, there are many good and easy to use solutions for both of these areas. In this article we will look into some of these solutions and see how they work.

Data collection built in from the start

With modern electric vehicles, data collection should be an easy task. The vehicles are highly computerized, right from the start, and they already collect all kinds of telemetry and other data one can imagine, right from the start.

However, even if data is collected by the vehicles it doesn’t necessarily make it easy to collect it from the vehicles for further centralized analysis. This requires gateways and data aggregation software.

Most vehicle manufacturers offer various kinds of gateways and software to interface with their vehicles. As long as you stick to a single brand collection, integration and analysis should be an easy task, but as soon as you start mixing car brands you’ll probably have to upgrade your infrastructure with an integration platform

Analysis tools and data funnels

To aggregate and collect telemetry and other data from a multi-brand fleet you’ll need an integration platform with adapters for the various manufacturers’ data collection software.

If collecting the data can be a daunting task from a technical perspective, transforming it into useful information is another big challenge. This is where you can use modern automatic analysis tools. Read all about data funnels and modern analysis tools here.