Pimp your ride!

Everyone wants to shine a little and drive around in a car that shines and raises a few eyebrows, but most of us cannot afford a supercar and even if we decide to spend big, we will probably end up driving a quite boring car that looks nothing out of the ordinary.

But there are other ways to shine. Even a perfectly normal car can be pimped and modified to look cool and astonishing. It doesn’t even have to be very expensive.

No paint job needed

The traditional way to get your car to look great is to get it repainted to look cool. This can be done in various ways. Some people get an artist to paint a motif all over the car, which looks really cool, but which is also quite expensive. Others may choose something a bit cheaper, with stripes, flames and similar things that are sure to make people look twice.

None of that is really necessary, though. There are better ways than paint jobs to give your car a new look and that is through the use of stickers.

Design your own

Taxi companies have done it for ages, but now the technology is available to everyone and you can design your own stickers online and get them delivered within a few days.

This means you can put any pattern on your car, with no trouble at all, and change it as often as you like. If you want your car to literally shine, try a mirror sticker maker and you can be sure to be noticed. Beware, however, that you will have to spend time washing and polishing your car to preserve its appearance.