4 Facebook Ad Tips You Need to Know in 2022

Facebook is still the king of social media.

With more than 2.93 billion monthly users, you will find people interested in your offer. However, to create actually profitable ads, you’re going to need to have excellent advertising skills.

So in this blog post, you’ll learn the four best advertising tips you need to know in 2022. If that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.

#1 – Narrow Your Audience & Tailor Ads for Them

The first thing we want you to start doing is creating particular audiences. While you might reach way fewer people, it gives you one advantage. You can create specific ads that are tailored to them.

And the more tailored the ads, the better they convert! So make sure you go as specific as possible instead of being generic.

#2 – Know Which Campaigns Work for Which Audiences

One of the worst mistakes you could make as a beginner is to create an interest-based audience and expect them to convert. That’s because you’re highly likely not going to convert them profitably. It’s like trying to marry a girl you just met.

Instead, you should use different audiences for the correct campaigns. Here’s what type of audiences you should use for various campaigns:

Brand Awareness – Use either interest-based or LLA audiences.
Lead Campaigns – Use interest-based, LLA audiences or retargeting audiences.
For Sale Campaigns – Use Retargeting Audiences only.

#3 – Research Your Competition in Meta Ad Library

Don’t know how to create high-converting ads? Well, then, why not use Facebook’s secret tool called Meta Ad library.

With it, you can search your competition up and see what type of ads they are using. Then you can study from them and find ways to make your ads more appealing.

#4 – Take Advantage of A/B Testing

No matter how perfectly you follow the tips, you’ll probably still make unprofitable ads. However, instead of creating just one ad, why not take advantage of A/B testing.

With it, you can create multiple ads that help you see which ads convert better than others. That way, you’ll understand which advertisements speak to your audience best, which is valuable for your next ad campaign.


And those were the four tips! Once implement all of them, you’ll start seeing more profit. And since you read so much, I’d like to give you a bonus tip. And that’s to start using poas bidding!

With it, you can actually see if your ad campaigns are profitable!