How to create custom signage, for exhibitions and more

Exhibitions and other events often require signs. You need signs to show that you’re there, so that people can see you. You also need signs to show people the way between rooms and events.

Actually you need signs in everyday life as well, although they are usually of a more permanent nature than those used at exhibitions and events.

Create a flexible sign-kit for all your need

Instead of designing and ordering signs for each and every event, it’s a good idea to sit down and spend some time thinking about how to create a customizable sign-kit that can be used and reused as often as you want.

If you design and order custom stickers for all parts of your signs you can get away much cheaper and you get much more flexibility, and the ability to act quickly whenever new signs are needed.

The base for your sign kit can be a sticker in itself, or you could order a set of durable, printed signs bearing only your name or brand. This can then be combined with stickers with various signs and of course arrows to show the way.

For a specific event, all you need to add are any text labels specific to the occasion, and even then it is a much smaller job than creating and ordering complete signs. In addition you will get away with much lower costs and shorter lead times.

With a customizable sign kit, based on stickers, you can get exactly the signs you want, on every occasion, without breaking your budget.