How to grow with Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic platform for the automotive industry because it is a visual platform with fantastic ad capabilities and in-built analytics and diagnostic tools. The beauty with Instagram is that the audience actually prefers more real-life looking content, meaning that we do not need to spend millions on advanced productions to get our message out there. Instead we can, quite literally, just throw the phone in the air, click record video and put it out as a story.

 Since we are surrounded by magnificent cars day in and day out, there is no shortage of amazing content to film and if we want to hire some good looking people to spice up the place that can easily be done as well. However, when we aim to get a deep understanding for the customer journey and to get to know our customers in a very intimate way in order to understand their shopping behaviour, it is extremely helpful to use an all-in marketing platform like Apsis.

 These systems are very complex and tie together marketing with sales in a very integrated way, that is also very easy to use. Gather everything under one roof and increase sales, customer engagement and communication with ease. It has never been possible to know your customers so intimately before on a large scale.

 So next time you create an ad on social media you can track your customer from the very beginning, see what makes them tick, and once they are in your customer base you can automatically send them an offer on their birthday.