Electric Cars in Public Transport

Electric Cars in Public Transport

Electric cars have undoubtedly come a long way since the first Electric Vehicle (EV) was invented, with the public getting more interested in knowing how much it costs to own an EV, how they operate and the benefits of owning an EV. With the increasing number of charging stations around the world, and with a variety of electric cars being available in 2019, this means that electric vehicles are now able to support more drivers, and buyers will have a variety of models to choose from, depending on one’s preferences and taste.

With the increased number of electric cars, the use of these cars in public transport is tipped to evolve, just as the use of electric cars for personal use. The introduction of electric vehicles for public transport such as buses will bring so many benefits to the people and the environment in general. Electric cars have zero-emissions, meaning that the level of pollution caused by fuel powered vehicles will reduce significantly. In addition to this, the cost of transport will also decrease, because even though the initial price of an electric car is high, low maintenance costs, and the fact that no gas will be needed to power them, makes electric cars cheaper in the long run.

Tesla Driver Suspended

The Tesla company has suspended a driver’s license after he allegedly fell asleep while driving on a highway in the Netherlands. Police, however, managed to safely wake him, to the surprise of the driver, who was drunk at the time, and realized that, all along, the vehicle was on autopilot mode.

The police got suspicious after they noticed that the Tesla vehicle was slowly driving behind a truck, even though there was no traffic on the highway. Many people have argued that the autopilot feature in situations such as this has helped prevent accidents which may have been caused by exhausted drivers behind the wheel.